It have been busy week with learning deeper about ropes course, preparing for Hungary and in the same time work with great group from Holland in the base. 

This group of young people were from Zeldenrust Zeeland College (ZSC) Terneuzen, they all year long did lot of things to raise financial support for charity.  This was not first year for this project it is all ready happening 6 years. 
All of them it was first time in Latvia. We started their first day with ropes course ministry. Lot of them didn't know each other so well, so we wanted unite, encourage and built relationships. It was my first day seeing how its happens in real life. In that day I receive a lot. I understand not only them need to be creative, think outside of box and go to 110%, but also me. 

Through this week I have been learning how to tie knots - I never couldn't imagine that so small thing can change a lot. This knot is a life. If you make mistake, it can be dangerous. This small thing have opened my eyes think outside of box. When I was doing high elements  by my own I didn't know that I am trusting so much in people hands. 
I learned how important is to ask right questions from observations! Pay attention everything what happens around, remember lot of important things. This week have been big physical and spiritual challenge for me. To be honest in one moment I lost focus, but amazing was that I realize it so fast and spending more time with God  I could deal with it pretty fast and well. 

Any way all week was big adventure. All week long these young people visit families giving food packs, did lot of practical help, visit old folks place, youth centers, orphanages. 

Of course, I am quite fast person, one day leaving for youth center, I got in the car and when I closed  doors I didn't look back, so I smashed girls fingers in to doors. O may! I felt terrible and only latter I understand that was not only accident,but reminder for my life - SLOW DOWN. 

Don't worry, they had so much fun as well. For example, all week long we didn't gave them WI-FI password, so they can enjoy this time, end of week the weather were so good and they played football(it is their passion sport), doing practical work we played word game so we combined the useful with the pleasant. 

Starting week weather was cold, windy and not pleasant, probably their look to this week was the same. Most of them was the first time being in orphanages, seeing how people live in poverty and much more. Saturday (30 of May) we had sport day were young people from all surroundings came, day was amazing full with sun and shining faces.  Every one walked in t-shirts and enjoyed good job. 

Ended this week we wanted hear what they had experienced, so I was leading one of the small groups and one of girl was that with fingers I smashed in doors. I asked them: "How was living all week without internet?" And they said: "In the beginning we thought we will not survive, but next day we realize we are talking more with each other." They had amazing questions: "Why people live so poor ? " And why healthy children are left alone? I share as much I could and next moment one of girl started cry. I had chance to share my testimony and another girl started cry, in the end I ask can I pray for them and third girl started cry. I didn't do nothing but these girl's tears was like prize that God have been working and their eyes now will look different to world. They acknowledged that this week they learned a lot. 

O, and with girl with who I had accident in the end we connected very close. 
If you want to see more videos and pictures check their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/letlandzsc/?fref=ts
Creative cheating 
Find me! Pulling rope! I allowed them to win :D
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