There have happening lot of things through this time: 

  • Did you know I have pink guitar? Well, this guitar was gift to my graduation and big encouragement from God to continue develop musical skills. And then few week ago God provided pink trainers (you can reed story here And this week God gave inspiration and idea to fix one old bicycle and guess what color it was - pink. Now I have tree different story's about pink things in my life. 
  • I visited friends from DTS time, it was great to see them, we shared how we are each doing, we laughed, remembered time in our outreach and just spent time together.  And I received my first postcard from Estonia. My friend, roommate, sister in Christ Adele send me it, I was very encouraged and happy about it. I wish I could one day visit here. 
  • Lately I have thought - God need to be in every life area, right? 4 years studying  tourism I never think that we can glorify God even in tourism I just didn't imagine that, but why not we can bring gospel when people explore countries, spend time with love ones or just trying get out of routine? Different groups of people come to this ropes course ministry with openness. Openness to work together, to experience something cool, to look in the eyes their biggest fears! I have heard things how this ministry have brought inside healing, how through this ropes course time most of difficult teams have actually changed. God need to be even in tourism, people need to heard gospel even in this area. WOW! And again I told myself I will never work in tourism area and were I am now? 
  • In the same time only month have left to Hungary! Closer it's come closer I understand how much preparations I need to do. Read, study, be creative, search and lot of more, but I am enjoying, my English is improving as well, I am learning new things. If you want to know more then you can read in my blog in other articles. Still I am in need of prayers and financial support - if you want to know more write me personalty to 

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