2 full, heavy bags and nothing more. I came with most needed things to start live my mission life here in Valdemārpils Latvia. Of course, I didn't took everything and lot of things what I needed I left at home! 
I don't know about what I was thinking, but in the bag I didn't put my sport clothes, thinking I will not need them. I was wrong. Some how I didn't felt pressure as well, in here we have huge barn with second hand clothes. I will defiantly find something. I went there 3 times in faith, but without success. 
In the same time in another barn I saw 3 old bicycles, in my head came thought, why I couldn't restore one of them. In weekends I went to barn to look closer. Climbing over the obstacles what was in my way I get closer to chosen one bicycle. Yeah it have not been use quite while, that mean it will need lot of work and investment. I didn't spend long time there and climbing over to get back in front of me I saw 2 big, black bags with clothes. With curiosity I open bags and guess what? I was amazed, there was long sport trousers in my size. How it is possible? Of excitement I look in to second bag and guess what ? And there was sport shorts in my size. I got everything in one day in one moment, everything what I needed! 
In the beginning I thought is nothing big I need sports wear. What to do? Go to places were you can find it, logical, right? 
In my case when I went to look to bicycles it was not logical place to look for clothes. Second I even didn't focus on my need that moment, I focus of something else. Third, I didn't look around and didn't pay attention obstacles. Everything around. 
I am not surprise of this all, because God is doing impossible things, He provides things illogical ways, He surprises you more and more ways. He is fun. 
I wish you to experience it. 

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