So often we put only beautiful, amazing and nice pictures in our social media. Were goes simplicity? And were goes unsaturated beauty? 
The same with our blogs and storys. Usually we share good things and we have everything good in our social media world! 

Time ago God started put in my heart things from past, but in the begining I didn't pay attension to it. Until some Sunday morning in the church when was communion I could't get up and receive it. I knew I have undone "business" with people and situations. I haven't reconciled relationships with people. I started to put these thing before to God. I asked Him to give opportunities to meet and to talk with these people in the right moment in the right time. 
Week later in Sunday day, I met one of the persons. Some how I wasn't suprise and inside I knew I need to talk but when? Sunday service was almost over. I thought: "This will not be right moment and time." In few moments later we were talking and I just started share what God have put in my heart, that I need reconciled relationships. And I was amazed by God's timing and right moments. This person was completely ready to heard, ready to talk with me and more amazed I was when God was putting the same things in this persons heart what I had. In the end we pray for each other and I thanked God a lot. 
Still I have undone relationships! It not easy when you look back and when you have been hurt and you continue hurt others, but more God. And you need understand your mistakes. 

Some how going through difficulty s in life I understand more and more I am going to the right way. 

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