It was my second time in Hungary in short time mission field. This year the same as last year we were working together with organization INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION more info about it in this website-

This year all together about tree weeks 26 camps were manned by team member from 7 countries: U.S. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Brazil, and S. Africa, along with some Hungarian missionaries. 1,218 campers came, and more than 1500 Bibles were distributed.

This year we were 3 Latvians and through Bible/English camp we helped small village Pilisvörösvár (around 20 km from Budapest). Local church with who we worked together are only on the beginning of growing. It is new church and there is few church members and they have all ready property of future church building.  

Kindergarten assembly hall

Beginning no meter what you do and were are you now is hard. There is many challenges, difficulties, problems, anxiety and more, more. I could say it was for this church big challenge especially this year. 2 years ago they had camp at one of the local school buildings, they had really good relationships with this school. This year leadership team at school changed and they started ask 5 times bigger rent for the premises.
From that moment it was harder and harder to find places for the camp, but God is faithful. Camp happened no meter what! Church is renting quite small kindergarten assembly hall for their church services and activities. That was the main hall for the camp, few minutes away there were cafe it was our second location and then a little further our third location rehab office room. Camp with 3 different locations. And late afternoon we spend time at local pond - we had recreation time. 
Recreation - first aid

Recreation with archery
After all camp went very, very well. God use our weakness to show His glory and this camp I could say it was visible. Teaching English to others in that same time it is your second language God all over showed us that is encouragement not only for children, but for their parents. Standing front of young people and teaching even do not knowing how to do it. 
English lesson 
Before I came to Hungary I had lot of challenges and difficulties. When I went to Hungary and started talk with church people it was same for them and their church. I find out that only 2 days before we came they find place were to accommodate me and another girl. We stayed one of the church members parents, they are not part of the church and are not attending in the church. We could talk with them only in few basic English words and it was fine, because we learned a lot understand them through their emotions, movements and few words. As much we could understand they know about God and they know what mean church. They said to their daughter that they want to serve other people and no one didn't expect that they could ever say yes to welcome strangers in their home. I learned a lot from this story. You even don't need words to love people. God is opening and changing people hearts even they know few things about Him. God put people together with purpose even maybe you will be able to see them once in your live. 
Most touching thing was for me when women started cry saying good bye to us. We didn't do nothing for them, they gave most to us, but she cried! We know it is start for something in that family. God is good. 
 Aiga - Marika and Istvan our hosts  - Maija

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