Right after Hungary, I had great week at Basketball days in my home town city. Basketball days are always special not only because of great people, but with great memories. 10 years ago I was participant this type of camp and from that moment it have left lasting result in my life.

Together in dinner time with USA team

Through the week I had great time to do activities with children and youth. However in every sport you need to face with difficulties. This week wasn't exception. Young people from USA had 2 sport lessons a day and it was very tiring. Through one of the evening lesson I got sprained ankle it limited my ability for several days. I couldn't walk properly and foot was swollen. Difficult for me was that I couldn't handle to sit down home and do nothing. All the time I did something. Latter I realize I haven't sit down and thought about Hungary. I haven't talk with God so long time, I haven't been so long time in the silence. Only when I sit down and put together thoughts I was so thankful for these days in rest and silence. I could spend time with God, renew my mind and body. 

If you want to see how this all look in video you are welcome to watch it in this link: https://vimeo.com/176512169

One important part of my summer and life is camps. Last 5 days I have been in christian camp center "Gančauskas." It is very near place of my home town. It was my first time there and I didn't realize until last day how beautiful that place were. Surrounded with forest, around horse pasture, amazing fire place, river, outcrops and caves. 

Fire place at Gančauskas
Sunset in the Gančauskas
Every camp have their one challenges, this camp had lot of  challenging moments. In the middle of planing and doing staff started refuse from participation, because didn't saw point of it. The same time I sprained ankle and I thought better not to go. It seemed there will be just few young people. It didn't went like that. God is good and He never leaves us alone. In the end we had around 70 young people from all Latvia, staff people and amazing guests and lectors. God do not give up on the things and people. I needed be in this camp as staff but in the end I was group leader totally unready. It wasn't easy. 14 years old girl's reminded me about lot of things in my life. They each reminded about my self not only when I was 14 but also now. 
I had short, but very powerful talk with one girl from my group. She told me: "My life point is to say yes to God." And she shared that she want do it from heart. How much I am ready to do things from my heart for God ? This short talk caused in me lot of things, it reminded me about simplicity, heart who craves God. In the beginning of the camp we shared things what we expect from this week and one of my things was that we experience God more in our lives as staff. For sure it happened with me and I am so happy for it. 

In the middle of all this  I have spend time with my friends, family and relatives as well. But now it is time when I need to return back to Ropes Course ministry at Youth With a Mission in Latvia. 

There for me are waiting children camp for 5 days, staff days, September with DTS school and totally new thing for me going to orphanage. I could not do all this without God and people financial, spiritual emotional help. If you are interested to any way help me you are welcome to contact with me - aiga.kaugare@gmail.com and at Facebook. 

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