Beginning of the September officially that mean sun is not shining so bright, summer is gone and hello rainy, cloudy school time. For me, of course, is sad that summer is gone and this time makes me think that not only seasons are changing we also.

Adventure week 2016
Already month I have been spent here in Valdemārpils. I started here with children adventure week it lasted five full days. In these five days we were delight 30 children from near and far places over Latvia. Together we were 15 staff, although most of them were Latvians, we were honored with a few people who came from Holland and USA to be part of this great adventure week. We had many fun moments, but our main goal was to share God's love in everything we do. The weeks topic was "Love your neighbor as your self" witch comes from Mark 12:31. I was amazed how children every day showed not only each other how to love, but even me personaly. 

Art workshop

Once when we had work duties I helped girls with cleaning and I just started talk with them. During conversation I watched them and they did their job with the very best intention. Through talks we finished so fast our job. One of girl was full of joy and ask me if there are more to do, I said: "I need to do my own work duties and if she is willing she can help me." This girl between her free time and helping me, choose help me. 
When you think you give a lot, comes moments when you realize you receive more then you give. 

YWAM family 
With place next to the sea, great fellowship, good rest and enjoying last sunny days that how ended my summer in Youth With a Mission conference. In this time we were talking about going out of your comfort zone. Living in mission in general is going out of your own needs, plans and comfort. The most thoughtful moment for me was when one of speaker shared one sentence - shadow can't be if there is no light. Facing tough times in our life we think shadow of darkness is shining on us, but light always is stronger next to us. I think it is suits this topic because we will be facing temptations no meter were we are and what we do.
My summer in general has been very encouraging and full with warm light although there has been dark moments as well.
My season of changes haven't ended and there will be changes. God have put in my heart this year to be under YWAM in Valdemārpils.
Until October I am working with Ropes Course ministry and other leadership ministry NIKO. In middle of September there are coming 30 young people from Norway to be with us in NIKO were I will attend as well. And for just some days I am going visit my family and friends back home.

  • Please, pray for me that I wouldn't lost focus on God through this time;
  • For regular financial support every month;
  • For people hearts in Latvia, that more people could get to know Christ. 

Thank you for your time to read! 

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