GOD is on the MOVE

Now before you continue read blog. Look to this psalm again and spend some little moment to this scripture and give thanks to the Lord. Just STOP.

In this past month I have appreciated to be thankful to God. End of the September I had huge back pains. It just started totally unexpected and this pains affected my thoughts, my actions, my emotions and lot of more. I didn't have strength to pray or to be thankful to God. Few days first thing what I did waking up in the morning I wrote on my hand small reminders or encouragements to myself who God is. After one painful, difficult week and lot of prayers pains become less stronger. Right now I can feel some pressure on my back only few times. Giving thanks to the Lord is worth it, even it is hard it is worth. I am thankful God for ability to walk and live in joy. These 2 ability's seems usual, but when you came to the point were you are not sure of that you will able experience them again. YOU really start appreciated what mean to walk and live in the joy. Right now I am so thankful to God that He have gave me these super powers. Yeah! I am feeling like that I have so many super powers not only 2. 

One day me and another girl during our work duties we decided to get rid of old cups and glasses at the base. We wanted only best. In the end we got caught. Of course next day we had discussion about situation. During conversation other girl told something what only later caught my heart. She said: "But God can give us much better things." Later I started think. Do we even allowed God to give us much better things? I know He wants to give only best for us. How many times I have not allowed Him to do it. Times when I have organize events, buying, doing, planing only by own not allowing God to buy, to do, to plan and not allowing God to give much more. Yes, He have gave us free will and make our own decisions, but for sure it is important to remember not be too busy and include God in what we do. 

I am sharing to this because I hope for you it will be encouragement and to be honest every day I need to learn this and lot of more again and again.

Maybe season of Ropes Course is ended, but there are new doors open for other ministry's. 

  • One of them is to help and work with Freedom 61 ministry helping in the women center here in Valdemārpils for more information here >>>http://freedom61.me/  
  • Actually I am doing ministry every day starting of leading intersession time to ending of cleaning and serving for this place. 
  • I have made decision as well to attend this year to Global leadership summit in Latvia, I believe God have gave great leaders whom is worth to listen. I have took a step in faith, because I want to be part of this and I would be ready to pay but I just don't have. If you would like to get involved financial support is needed.
May God bless you :) 

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