Study for life change this will be for sure my quote for 3 months. Maybe this is the first time when you see my blog or opposite you know me and follow my activities for longer time. I have found special place in my life for mission work. I am beginner in mission, but God have lead me to great starting point YOUTH WITH A MISSION (YWAM) base in Latvia. Committing not only for mission work, but as well people who are surrounding me. 

Coming to conclusion that one important mission part is knowing Scriptures not only by your mind but by heart. I decided that good start for both mind and heart would be Bible school. This is 2 week of studying in BIBLE COURE CORSE(BCC) in Latvia. Some months ago I wanted to do it in Norway. I thought it would be good to do it other country to be more challenge in life. Praying and thinking more to go to Norway opportunities didn't came. So my decision was to do it in Latvia. Right now, after first week I am happy to doing BCC in my own language. My point to doing it was to challenge my self in different ways but I realize it is not only about me. 

Learning in school how to OBSERVE - INTERPRET- APPLY - PROCLAIM the Scripture, my personal difficulty came to point of PROCLAIM.  I am passioned about mission because it is really good way for me were I can share, use, do and lot more of everything what I have receive in my experience of the Lord. 
When I was doing home work of how I can proclaim to others Scriptures. I felt I have run into wall. I don't know how to do it any more. And it is so hard. I actually don't know what I will be doing after school, but my desire is to find the way how I can proclaim the power of God's Kingdom. Changes starts with me, but my desire is that good changes ends with others. And I really need help of figure out, how I will find the way how to give away and I want to do it in mission. Keep me in the prayers!

Doing school I am in need of financial support. I need 1200 EUR for this school and I need your support. If I would alone in all of my school and mission time it would be so easy to give up. Please consider to support me here:

or to

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Name:Aiga Kaugare
Purpose: for mission 

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