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One day during the school I started to share someone how I saw my Disciple Training school and I thought it is worth to share.
I saw this school like big deep ocean with so many treasures some are deeper than others, but I didn't have much time to swim under water, because I didn't have scuba diving equipment and I couldn't hold for longer time my breath, so I had time to dive in take as much as possible and get out. In the beginning I took some few treasures, because I hadn't train to hold my breath for so long and I understand I couldn't take many, because I just didn't have space to hold them, if I will take few more it will be harder to got out of water. I took as much I could and I tried to swim out to the coast were others were standing, because I really wanted to share to others what I have found. I was so exited, I understand I need to share these treasures, because they are really valuable and I understand there are more in the ocean.
But I know also, that not always it is easy to get treasures. You are in the danger in the ocean there can be different creatures who will try to eat you or scare. Even when you get treasures there can come storm, wind, wave and much more, they will try to stop you or challenge you to share these treasures. 

I started this story, because I felt something similar during tree month Bible school. This time I was much more equipped and that mean I could go much more deeper. I know that there are certain level in the ocean of how deep person can dive in, because there are huge pressure in certain level which person can't hold and can even die. Do not misunderstand I didn't came to point I could die :D. But for sure during this time I experienced pressure. We in the Bible school receive lot of information and we are studying a lot as well. I can say we have receive lot of treasures, these treasures are not only instruments or methods how to studied Bible, but they are eternal truths, truths and revelations about God and much more! And I have experienced moments were I feel I go through storms and scary creatures who want to stop me to share with tease treasures - they have been thoughts, health problems, lack of motivation and other. But I can say God have been over all. I am sure because in the moments when I went down He sent some person or scriptures trough person to encourage me but not only encourage, but as well to point my behavior. Because love is also to say admonition.
Here are some thoughts/truths/ wisdom from the school:
Maybe you all ready know it but it is important to remember
  • The revelation about God, brings you to the true repentance
  • Your choices not affects you but people surround you 
  • Take care of your heart not only physically but as well morally
  • Love is also to say admonition
  • One way to be thankful for God is to show thankfulness others
But I am not finish, there are part of story were I was excited to share treasures with others and this part is were I am finish with the school but job is not over yet!
And I am part of my life were I will continue work in mission field and I have lot of projects coming during this year:

  • One of them is to finish one more season in the team improvement ministry Ropes Course in Latvia.More information here:
  • Another is to start again go to the women center Freedom61, work with women in recovering process. More information here:
  • Starting translate Bible project videos, starting with the subtitles in the Latvian language. More information
  • Most biggest I have opportunity go to the States next summer to work as camp counselor. During this year I will do everything possible from my side to make possible this opportunity and I encourage you to help me, because I will need help!
For every this project I have substantiation to do if you are interested please ask questions!

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