What I am doing ?

I have heard from people saying living in the mission it is like living in the holidays! You just travel on other people money! And so on.
Some could say about these words AUČ! 
Well, accually I don't think it is true so these words are not auč for me. Living in the missions you need to be flexible all the time! You don't live in rutine and your schedule changes almoust every day. Depend of what are you doing. Being in YWAM(youth with a mission) in Latvia you can see that every season of year have their own schedule. In the beggining of the autum when the school starts your every day life is quite intensive and busy. End of the school season it is around spring time schedule gets easier and not so hasty.

First big event what is coming after intensive time after schools, around end of the May, are event with many young people coming from Holland and one week they are serving and helping people in the surrounding places. Living here in the base we knew there will not be free days during this week, because this youth (48 people) lived all week in the base and we needed to help them not only with translating and many other things but as well to make them feel welcome. This opportunity that young people from Holland can come and helped people in many different ways starting with practical work, house visits, ending helping each other and people who are serving them - is one way how God can use misson. These people come to you! About me I can say I am so ready to work if needed all week, knowing that this time for them in Latvia impact their lifes a lot. And I can say for sure this week in these young people leave huge impact in their lifes. Thats way there are times were you need to work all week long from morning until late evening and you just need to understand that after working hard all week long it is plain when you take two or tree days rest. Right?
Certainly you don't need to go far away to do mission thats for sure.
Dutch guys chaping wood! 
For them it was first time. 

And girls during rain, wind and sun helping clean the yard. This happened during house visits. 

Not all cases are the same. I love God and I want that this love expends everywere not only in Latvia. It would be accually selfish to give all the time love to Latvia. I am kidding! Latvia need love as well! I love nations and I want to bless them through my gifts. In my case when I was in Albania last year God many times showed and confirmed I shoud go to Hungary and it happened. When it is from God it becomes possible. God gives you ways and possibilities to serve even other places in the world.
Right now for spring/summer season my main ministy will be Ropes Course, but out side of that I will help in the women rehab center and I will work with a different teams coming to serve in Latvia and end of the summer helping with the children camp. Thease are the main event, besides that I will try to find rest and celebrate life.

This is begining preparation for opening Ropes Course (team building ministry) season

Need to check high elements and need to clean ground from the old leaves. Done! 

By the way if you want to experience this great opportunity being in the Ropes Course and maybe you don't know what exactly is that. Then you have good chance to win this opportunity with your friends or family or others. Scroll down and find more information
>>>>>https://www.facebook.com/virveskurss/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf <<<<

Listen there are all the time things to do! Don't worry duirng all of events there are always personal time with God and some physical recovering.

Finishing all of this there are chance which I believe is from God to go next year to America for 3 month being as camp counselar. If you are interested more check here https://gogetfunding.com/helping-reach-the-goal/

Thats for this time all! Have question/s or suggestion/s ---- share it with me :) 


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